God Will Teach Me to Fly Paperback

A Book for Women in Crisis - Their Counselors, their Pastors, and their Friends

“This story is not about death, although death is a pivotal element. This story is not about recovery, although recovery is a trademark of its glory. This story is about an impossible journey—and about a God who provided safe passage.”

God Will Teach Me to Fly

Available in both Paperback and Kindle

Buy an extra copy for a counselor, pastor, or a friend.

"... mandatory reading for counselors, lawyers, clergy, group facilitators, and others who work with the bereaved and troubled families."

Richard B. Gilbert, A.B., M.Div., FAAGC, CPBC

Is This Book for Me?

Are you ...

  • A PARENT who has lost a child?
  • A MOTHER struggling through a difficult divorce?
  • A WOMAN recovering from childhood sexual abuse?
  • A CARING FRIEND or FAMILY MEMBER of a loved one in crisis?
  • A PROFESSIONAL working with broken or hurting families?
  • A SEEKER of meaningful spirituality in the midst of challenging circumstances?

What others are saying

God Will Teach Me to Fly is a raw and powerful demonstration of how facing and visiting the past can liberate you to go where God wants to take you in your future.
Felicia Banks Review
Felicia Banks
Move 333 Ministry
Powerfully anointed...Like a paint brush to a canvas a beautiful picture is created and proves through belief and faith in the power of Jesus Christ that joy will be found again and healing does happen.
M3 Review
This compelling and gripping real-life drama brings the reader directly into the moment with an honesty and intensity that is both riveting and consuming.
God Will Teach me to Fly Review
Diane Donovan
Midwest Book Review

“When the road before me ends, and I stand poised on the edge of the unknown, I must believe as I step off that edge that there will be solid ground under my feet – or that God will teach me to fly!”

About the author

Joanetta Hendel

Joanetta has always expressed herself better in writing than any other medium, and recommends journaling as one of the best ways ever to process life and grow spiritually.

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