About The Author

An author and a publisher, JOANETTA HENDEL grew up in the nation’s heartland. Very much a “girly-girl,” she enjoyed ruffles and frills and played with dolls long after she was willing to admit it to her friends.

Joanetta has always expressed herself better in writing than any other medium, and recommends journaling as one of the best ways ever to process life and grow spiritually.

The mother of four grown children, Joanetta is a “creative.” In addition to writing, she is accomplished in the graphic arts, website development, and digital media. An avid photographer, Joanetta believes that no significant moment in life should pass without a snapshot remembrance. You’ll find her in the garden, in the gym, hanging out with friends and family, and spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren.


JOANETTA HENDEL is available to speak to women’s groups, Christian organizations, caregivers, support groups, and health care professionals. She speaks to the issues of hope and healing, strength and encouragement, the grace of God and spiritual redemption. Some of her favorite topics include: grief recovery, spiritual and emotional healing, journaling as a healing tool, restoration through the Word of God, and loving your children through prayer.

Reach Joanetta at: info@godwillteachmetofly.com