Wayne Sanford, Family Services Counselor

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Recently, while vacationing, I read the book God Will Teach Me to Fly by Joanetta Hendel. For some time I have searched for reading material that addresses the subjects of grief, bereavement, and how individuals deal with adversity. Ms. Hendel suggested her book, saying it might answer several of my questions and concerns. She also added that her book might prove distressing. “Some who read it,” she said, “find it difficult and even impossible to complete.”

. . . one of the most extraordinary journeys of my life.

Her remark about difficult or impossible to read struck me as curious. With her words of warning, I set forth on one of the most extraordinary journeys of my life.

Make no mistake, the content of this book is very personal—as personal as it can get. It is Joanetta’s story—a bizarre drama of how she came to grips with adversity, depression, desperation, and fear. I can only surmise that some would consider this work difficult or impossible to read because of the harsh extremes the author had to experience in order to make this book possible.

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